Motorworld: A Car Lover’s Dream

Stuttgart is a car lover’s paradise. Both Mercedes and Porsche are headquartered here, and BMW isn’t too far away, either.

Ralph and I have been pragmatic with our car selections through the years (no lie, I think most fondly of my Honda Odyssey minivan!) but we can still appreciate a beautiful car. The boys do, too.

So on another rainy Sunday, we decided to check out this place called Motorworld close to where we’re staying in Boeblingen. Turns out, it’s the #1 attraction in the whole city, and I can see why – it’s basically a car aficionado’s dream!

The creators of this concept took a massive space which was formerly the regional airport and filled it with a car museum, a hotel, and restaurants. There are several luxury car dealerships on-site, and people can either put their private vehicles up for sale or store them here in glass boxes where the public can gaze upon them. The entrepreneur in me appreciates the genius of how they’ve set this up. They’ve even got venues inside where you can host business meetings, fancy dinners, or evening cocktail parties with the cars as a backdrop! Anyone up for a company offsite at Motorworld?

We spent about an hour wandering around, taking in all the displays. There were brand-new cars, vintage cars, and everything in between. You could even gaze upon Bentleys in the service bay! And see those Motorway drums in the top right of the picture below? They’d turned them into cocktail tables. YUP.

Getting up close to a Lamborghini

It was definitely a change of pace from wandering the villages and looking at medieval buildings. And that was by design, because I don’t want the boys to get bored of doing those things. I can just hear it now. “Ugh, Mom! Do we really have to go see another castle?”

Can you imagine?! Haha.

On the first floor, there was a row of cars for sale. I mean, I’ve heard of cars selling for over $1M but I’d never been close to one before. Wilder still was the fact that several of these had been sold!

Then it was time to check out the second level. It was pretty cool to see the glass elevators en masse. It kind of reminded me of being inside a life-size version of those plastic display cases for Matchbox cars!

Vintage cars

In another building we found cars from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Lots of Porsches and Ferraris in a wide range of colors.

And then we came across this amazing WV bus with a trailer! It was not for sale, though I know Ralph would have been tempted. You know it’s serious when he posts a picture of it on Facebook!

Ralph’s favorite!

Satisfied that we’d seen everything we came to see and having worked up a bit of an appetite, we ended our outing with lunch at one of the restaurants.

We were not surprised when Logan ordered the maultaschen yet again. It’s a Swabian ravioli, typically served with gravy or broth. He tends to pick this wherever we go – probably at least 7 times in the past month? It’s enough that we’ve starting joking that he’s the connoiseur of maultaschen.

So if you come visit us, Logan can give you his recommendation on the best place to try it, and you can visit Motorworld, too!

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