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It’s real. It’s raw. And it’s unapologetically random.

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Everything Is Going Wrong, Part 2: The Kidney Stone

I’d started writing another Part 2 but that will have to wait…because today, I can share with you all the drama of our first medical emergency abroad! BTW – I cleared this with Ralph. Might be a little TMI – but there’s also some useful information on what to expect if you end up in […]

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Everything is Going Wrong, Part 1: House Hunting

Ok…maybe not everything. But in the spirit of keeping it real, I thought I’d share some of the latest musings as we close out our second month in Germany. Now that all the newness and wonder has worn off, the frustrating bits have become more pronounced and noticeable. Someone pour me a stiff drink! It’s […]

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Motorworld: A Car Lover’s Dream

Stuttgart is a car lover’s paradise. Both Mercedes and Porsche are headquartered here, and BMW isn’t too far away, either. Ralph and I have been pragmatic with our car selections through the years (no lie, I think most fondly of my Honda Odyssey minivan!) but we can still appreciate a beautiful car. The boys do, […]

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